Porcelain Veneers

If you are unsatisfied with your smile, you may be unsure of what you can do to make improvements. There are many options to help improve your smile, but one of the best ways to quickly get a beautiful smile is with veneers. At Basin Dental, our talented team can provide you with quality veneers to give you a greater smile in no time!

A Simple Way to a Greater Smile

Veneers, which are made of a thin, yet durable porcelain shell, are permanently bonded to the surface of your teeth. If you have any of the following dental imperfections, veneers may be great for you:

  • Broken, chipped, or worn down teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Weak or worn down teeth
  • Large gaps between teeth
  • Severely discolored teeth

The Benefits of Veneers

Veneers offer a number of benefits for improving your smile, including the following:

  • Natural Appearance | Veneers are made to match the color and shape of your original teeth, offering a subtle, yet improved change. Veneers are also stain resistant.
  • Less Invasive Procedure | Placing dental veneers on teeth is one of the least invasive dental procedures offered. We have to remove only a very small amount of enamel before placing the veneers on your natural teeth.
  • Safe for Your Mouth | Veneers are typically very safe for your mouth, and your gums will hold up well with this addition.

How It Works

We will meet with you to help determine if veneers would be appropriate for your teeth. After this, we prepare your teeth for the procedure then send a model to our lab. It may take a few weeks for the veneers to be ready, but we can place temporary veneers on your teeth if necessary. When the veneers are finished, we will check that they fit properly before bonding them to your teeth.

Come see us at Basin Dental to get one step closer to getting the smile of your dreams!